mini-picDye-Sublimation Printer

Gray scale printing technology applicable
Printing Speed up to 260sqm/hr, Resolution up to 605x1200DPI
Printing Width up to 3.2m
Printing , Drying and Roll winding function all in one
Disperse ink directly printing on fabric & Dye-sublimation ink on transfer paper
Printing capability on transfer paper ,polyester fabric, blended fabric, blackout fabric etc

Grayscale Technology

Max. to 2 rows, with 8 Ricoh print heads with variable drop size from 7 pl to 21pl. This allows users to produce more sharp images output with smoother gradients and quartertones.

Automatic Print Head Suction & Capping System

To ensure continuous production, and for a possible ink reuse.

Ink Degassing System

The ink degassing system is to eliminate the bubble inside the ink, to avoid any ink starvation during printing.

Self-adjusting Negative Pressure System

Automatic negative pressure adjustment system and lung type air tank provide guarantee for stable negative pressure.

Independent Purging with Ink Recovery Function

New design priming system will recover the ink when you do purging, which will help to save ink a lot.

Industry Feeding System

High precision servo motor, large robber roller with pressure adjustable function effective guarantee the media feeding, no wrinkle.

Metal encoder Strip and Dual Rail

More accurate ink drop location, higher degree of accuracy printing.

Infrared Drying System

Double-barreled infrared drying in the front. Heating and drying will be terminated immediately while stop printing, which effectively avoid the color difference due to different heating and drying period.

Industry Feeding & Taking-up System

Eliminate and get rid of wrinkle on the surface of textile efficiently, to ensure every single drop on the proper location for different tension media.


Print Head 4~8 Ricoh Print Heads
Drop Size 6 Picolitre
Resolution Up to 605×1200 dpi
Productivity 4 Heads 8 Heads
Draft – 130 sqm/hr Draft – 250 sqm/hr
Speed – 64sqm/hr Speed – 130sqm/hr
Production – 45sqm/hr Production – 90sqm/hr
Quality – 32sqm/hr Quality – 65sqm/hr
Ink Configuration 4C: C.M.Y.K
Print Technology Piezoelectric inkjet, Grayscale Technology
Ink Types Disperse & Dye Sublimation
Ink Cartridge Size 2.5 liter
Image Process Software Photoprint Flora Edition 10.5, Caldera 10, Onyx (Optional)
Color Management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment
File Format Tiff, Jpeg,Postscript, EPS, PDF,etc
Take-up System Printing and take up linkage mechanism, adjustable tension system.
Roll-Feed Media Support Transferpaper,Polyester fabric, blended fabric,blackout fabric etc. up to 325cm wide, with a roll dimension 40cm, up to 100kg in weight.
Daulbarreied infrared drying in the front.Printing system and Heatingsystem inkage mechanism.
Interfaces USB 3.0
Printer 523 x 1875 x 172cm
Shipping 574 x 110 x 210cm
Temperature 20 to 30°C
Relative Humidity 35%-65%, non-condensing
Power System: 950Watts, Heating: 10KW
Requirement System voltage: 220 VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 16A. Heating voltage: 220 VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 46A.
One year limited warranty(Please contact your local dealer for accurate data)

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