Human Digital E-Jet V0

1,6m Ecosolvent Direct Sublimation Printing Machine


High Quality Mode 720 x 1440 dpi 8m2/hr
Standard Mode 360 x 1440 dpi 15m2/hr
High Speed Mode 360 x 720 dpi 30m2/hr
Print Head 1 Piece Epson DX5 Print Head
Head Technology Minimum 3.5pl. Point Technology
Ink System Automatic ink installation system
Material System Material on and winding machine
Material Type Roll to Roll
Print Width Maximum 1,6m
Material Types Exterior and Interior Materials
Colours 4 Colours or 6 Colour ecosolvent, water-based, dye sublimation CMYK
Printing Format PDF, PS, TIFF, Ai etc. (RGB / CMYK)
RIP Photprint, Seegent, Maintop
Heat 20 – 30 Degrees Celsius
Humidity 45 – 75% RH
Power 3.5 KW
Sizes 2800mm x 700mm x 950mm
Weight 200kg

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