Product-ImageHi-Res UV Hybrid Printer

Variable colour configuration, Standard 4 colour plus white, with Lc, Lm optional
Grayscale print heads, variable drop size from 6pl to 18pl
Speed up to 100 sqm/hr
Handles flexible and rigid substrate up to 3.25cm, and 5cm thick
Vacuum Belt driving with 4 vacuum Zones
White ink and CWC print capability & Varnish solution

Variable color configuration + Grayscale Print Mode

Variable configuration to satisfy different customers for high speed, high resolution, white application request.

True grayscale printing, drop size from 6pl to 18pl, which makes both solid colour and colour gradation available.

Anti-crash Sensor, Resume print after E-stop

The safety anti-crash sensor can detect the media circumstance beforehand and protect the print heads from a crush hazard. After that, you can resume printer, which will help you save media.

Automatic Height Adjust System

The function makes the printer can print up to 10cm thick substrate.

White ink Recirculation System

White ink recirculation results in an effective elimination of ink starvation and protects print heads from clogging hazard.

Vacuum Convey-belt System

Strong Vacuum to absorb rigid material up to 51mm on the convey-belt, meanwhile easily prints flexible media as wall paper PVC, etc.

Industrial Take up & Feeding System

Rotate speed adjustable motor & pneumatic shaft can be adapted to various thickness substrates.

Dual Negative Pressure System

Independent negative pressure system used for CMYK and White can effectively guarantee the continuity of print for all the colours.

Industrial Extension Platform

Industrial strength media handling system up to 200kg. Print length can be up to 250cm.

Belt Automatic Deviation Correction Function

Belt automatic deviation correction device effectively avoids the convey-belt deviation, which makes the feeding perfectly straight.

Desicated White Ink

XTRA3000H offers eight major utilizing white ink applications, which is the most common application for darker transparent substrates to highlight and present the most vivid of graphic. Three layers printing (C+W+C) carry out synchronously double side printing on any transparent substrate.


Print Head 8~16 KM1024I
Drop Size 6~18 Picolitre
Resolution Up to 726×1440 dpi
Productivity Express – 100 sqm/hr
Production Mode – 73sqm/hr
Quanlity Mode – 54sqm/hr
Ultra Quality – 40sqm/hr
Ink Configuration 4C/6C, White (Optional)
Print Technology Piezoelectric inkjet, Grayscale Technology
Ink Types UV-Curable / LED inks(Optional)
Ink Cartridge Size 2.5 liter
Image Process Software Photoprint Flora Edition 10.5, Caldera 10, Onyx (Optional)
Color Management ICC based color, adjustment curves, density adjustment
File Format Tiff, Jpeg,Postscript, EPS, PDF,etc
Handling Vacuum table convey-belt movement rigid flexible printing capability material
Rigid Media Support Standard convey-belt table support rigid materials up to 320cm width, 50kg/sqm
Roll Media Support Max print width up to 320cm, Weight 100kg, Diameter 30cm
Thickness Up to 51mm
Interfaces USB 3.0
Dual shuttered UV lamps, Independent user selectable control of shutter and two
power level
Printer 568 x 165 x 165cm
Shipping 568 x 187 x 206cm
Temperature 20 to 30°C
Relative Humidity 35%-65%, non-condensing
Power 9500Watts
Requirement Input voltage: 210 to 230VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 32Ax2
0.6 – 0.8Mpa
One year limited warranty(Please contact your local dealer for accurate data)

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